Ok so, I'm currently on spring break and I've had a lot of time on my hands. Obviously, that meant I had to take a trip to the Sephora! My mom and I were basically swatching everything so, naturally, my Sephora wishlist for the year has grown a LOT. The products below are the top 10!! on my wishlist!

makeup 2k17

  1. Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer- $30

  2. Too Faced sweet peach palette- $49

  3. Too Faced sweet peach glow palette- $42

  4. Tarte Tartelette in bloom palette- $46

  5. Tarte Tartiest pro glow contour & highlight palette- $45

  6. Anastasia modern renaissance palette- $42

  7. Anastasia X Mario master palette- $49.99 (bonanza.com)

  8. Anastasia illuminator in ’so Hollywood’- $28

  9. Nars Velvet skin tint - $45

  10. Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Highlight palette in gold- $35