So, I just posted my 2k17 Sephora wishlist, but I thought I'd narrow it down to my favorite products: LIQUID LIPSTICKS. I love a matte lip and I'm sorry if everything on the list is basically nudes or browns haha. Those are just my favorite colors.

  1. GiveMeGlowCosmetics liquid lipstick in Nude Beach- $13.25 +4.95 shipping

  2. GiveMeGlowCosmetics liquid lipstick in Cinnamon Bun- $13.25

  3. GiveMeGlowCosmetics liquid lipstick in Cupid- $13.25

  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Ashton (I swatched this in the Sephora other day and basically died.)- $20 

  5. Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita- $20
  6. Kat Von D  liquid lipstick in Bow n Arrow- $20
  7. Jeffree Star X Manny collab liquid lipstick in daddy- $18